Real Estates for sale, 1200 Meter square each.

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Project is currently in final stage.

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Erzay, Zreriyyeh Main road from South.

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Project to Partition Real Estate No. 534

The project stretches over a total surface of 80875 km2 and was partitioned into 43 portions with an area of more than 1200 m2 each, dedicated to construction. An area of 12472 m2 is allotted for a 10-meter width road to be used by all the estates so as to ensure connection among them on one hand and between them and the main road on the other hand. An area of 13824 m2 is also assigned as green spaces, gardens and a joint property that includes all project utilities.

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Images of Erzay Hill Projects

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Services and Specifications:

In addition to its distinguished strategic location, the project has high specifications for the utilities at the architectural and technical level, to ensure the comfort of all owners and visitors, as wide roads, sidewalks, trees, road lights, gardens and children playground have been set up.

These utilities include, among others:
1- A special road network that connects the project to the main road and to the neighboring bypaths.
2- A network of sidewalks along all the roads, with trees.
3- A power network connected to all the portions and a lighting network covering all roads (two transformer stations).
4- A sewerage network with wastewater treatment plants.
5- A drinking water network (artesian wells - water tank).
6- A rainwater drainage network and side channels.
7- A telephone and internet network (equipped infrastructure).
8- A network for irrigation and garden planting.

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